Angry Birds Wristband

Wristbands look very smart when worn by any individual. The wristband can be worn as a fashion item by matching it one’s attire for the day. There are a variety of wristbands. The wristbands are worn on the wrist or lower forearm.  Wristbands can be worn by any age group and is a unisex product. These products are easily available and it is a good product for gifting.  There are a few types of wristbands:

  1. Plastic Wristbands:  These plastic wristbands are used to put around the wrist. It is used recognize the person, since, the name of the person is mentioned on it. Where are these plastic wristbands used? In hospitals, at public events or even when people are entering different events.
  2. Sweatband: This wristband is generally terrycloth material just like the material used in towels. The purpose of the sweatband as the name suggests is to wipe off the sweat from the forehead. This sweatband is worn a lot by the sports players.
  3. Silicone wristbands:  These wristbands are made of silicone and are very popular. They are generally worn to show support for a specific cause or charitable purposes.  The silicone wristbands are also known as gel wristbands, jelly wristbands, rubber wristbands and fundraising wristbands.
  4. Ultra Violet wrist bands:  These wristbands usually come in a clear or white colour when not under any kind of ultra violet light. The colour of the wristband changes when it is exposed to sunlight light or violet to blue or fuchsia.  The band is usually worn during summers and helps in reminding people to stay in the shade during the hot summer days or to apply sunscreen which they must have forgotten.
  5. Hospital Wristbands:  These wristbands are generally used when patients get admitted in a hospital for treatments. They are available in many different sizes since the hospital wristbands are put on new born babies to adults who are obese. The details on the wristbands are generally written with hand, they can also be embossed, printed with laser or thermal imaged. Laser printing and thermal image use the latest technology on the wristbands while handwritten and embossed wristbands are widely used.

The wristbands bands available on Reliance Gifts UK website comes in three colours. They are; red, yellow and black. These wristbands are the sweatbands and can be gifted to any fan of Angry Birds since it is an official merchandise of Angry Birds with the face of Angry Birds embroidered on it. The fabric used for the product is elastic.  It helps in protecting the wrist from injuries.  This product can be gifted on any occasion meant for celebration.  The wristbands have a very stylish and trendy look in all the three colours mentioned above.  The product has a longer durability and is easily washable.  

Reliance gifts UK is an online B2B website that provides gifting products of various well-known brands that are officially licensed. To visit the website, click on the link:

Reliance Gifts UK is founded by Mr. Dhiren Patel in 2015. The business has grown exponentially. The products sold on the website are officially licensed products and customers keep coming back for more due to rise in demand of the products.

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