Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is round the corner. Have you decided what you would like to do for your mother on that day? This year Mother’s day is on a Sunday. That's the best part. Everybody will be having a holiday. Even a small gesture that a child or children shows to their mother means a lot for the Mom. Or is this the first time you will be celebrating Mother’s Day? Well, you could take your mother out for lunch or dinner. Gift her something that she really loves. Wondering what to gift her? Think what your mother likes? Is it books, dresses, jewelry, anything to do with gardening? What type of flowers does she like? Does she like to try new cuisines every time and make it for all of you? A simple gesture just like a hug could also mean a lot for your Mom. A mother takes care of you throughout her life which I feel no other human being on earth does like a mother.  She will always keep guiding you and wish the best for you. She is your strength, the pillar of your beautiful home. She gives her selfless devotion towards the family. Whether she is a working mom or a homemaker, always remember to respect her. Cherish the time you spend with your Mom or your parents. Love and respect is all that they need.

Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 8th in almost 40 countries in the world? This year the United Kingdom will be celebrating Mother’s Day on March 27, 2022. This day is known as Mothering Day in the UK.  Do you know why Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated on a different day in March? It is because Mothering Sunday was first initiated as a Church tradition and it has been observed that the date changes every year in the UK. What is the reason behind it? Well, the reason specified is, the dates of Lent and Easter change every year, now based on the lunar calendar, the Mother’s day date changes as well. So, Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated three weeks before Easter which is the fourth Sunday of Lent.  

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