Angry Birds Black Money Pot

Did you know? Piggy Banks are also called as Penny Banks, Money Boxes or Money Pots. The name has evolved over a period of time because the manufacturers of the piggy banks felt a new look to any product is always more welcomed by the general public. The money pot also known as Piggy bank is used to store loose coins. The money pot is also known by the names of penny bank or money box. Piggy banks date back to the 12th and 13th century.  In the 12th century the money containers were in the shape of a pig and was found on the island of Java. In the 13th century in Germany, the oldest piggy bank was found during a construction work in Thuringa. In Germany pigs were cherished as symbols of good fortune.  A 14th or 15th century Majapahit terracotta piggy bank is one of prized collections in the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta.  The English word “Pig Bank” was found in a book in 1903 called, “An American Girl in Mexico” and the piggy bank has been described as a Mexican souvenir.  The piggy bank in Mexico is called Alcancia. The piggy banks are generally made of ceramic or porcelain.  The piggy banks are given to children to save money and teach them how to be economical while using consumables items like food, clothing etc and also how to not to spend money unreasonably. The place to insert the coin in the piggy bank is usually on top through which coins or even currency notes can be inserted easily, the opening is very narrow and mostly it is a long line. Most of the piggy banks have a nose that is removable in order to take out money easily.  The piggy banks now days come in various shapes, sizes and colors. In the temples and churches, they are in the form of money boxes which are kept under lock and key. It has a long narrow opening on the top for the coins and notes to be inserted. The boxes are opened regularly and then the money in the boxes are counted and a record of the money is kept.


The Angry Bird Black Money Bank is round in shape which is made of ceramic and has been colored in a shiny black color which makes it stand out and gives it a classy look. The pot has been given a 3D design with the face of Angry Bird painted on to the Money Bank.  The face of the Angry Bird is painted on front with big bright eyes, yellow colored beak and on the forehead the black and yellow colored feather. This makes the product look very attractive with the contrasting colors and at the back part of it a long narrow cut has been made to insert coins or currency notes. This money bank or box is ideal for gifting and comes in an attractive red and black color see through gift box. Children would love to have this money bank in their room and would definitely start inserting coins in it regularly given to them by elders. This will also educate the children the importance of each and every penny they earn and how to save it. This product can also be kept as a showpiece in the living room or also used as a paper weight.

The Angry Bird Blank Money bank is a licensed product of The Angry Birds Merchandise which is available on Reliance Gifts UK website. Reliance Gifts UK is an online B2B website where all the available products are officially licensed by the company or the brand. Here is the link to the Angry Bird Black Money Bank:

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