Angry Birds Coin Purse

Coin purses are petit, attractive and a very useful item. As the name suggests, it is used to keep all the coins in one place rather than having it in all sections of the purse.  The size is just right for it to fit into even a pocket. Apart from keeping coins, the coin purse can also be used to store other small items like earrings, safety pins, hair bands, hair clips etc, it can be used especially during travelling.  The shapes of the purse may vary as per the design of the purse. The coin purse is very handy and it is a unisex product. The material used for the purse may either be leather or cloth. In order to keep the coins from falling, the purse may be sued with a zip or have a clip clasp or a magnetic button to close the flap. Coin purses are manufactured by famous brands as well as local manufacturers.

Reliance Gifts UK has the Angry Birds Coin Purse available on their website. It comes in two colours; a vibrant yellow and black. These are the officially licensed merchandise of Angry Birds. The face of Angry Birds is printed on the purse along with the Angry Birds logo. Both the purses are round in shape with a single zip. The purses are compact and has a lot of space inside to keep coins as well as store small items jewelry items as well as hair clips and hair bands.  This is a good gifting product for any special or festive occasion.  Who can this product be gifted to? Well!! First, any fan of Angry Birds. This could add to their collection of Angry Birds merchandise. Children are given pocket money. They can store the pocket money in the coin purse. Besides, this item can be given to any age group. A purse of any kind is always useful. And a coin purse especially since, any individual does not have to keep looking for coins throughout their bags or purses. The coin purse can be termed unisex because the times are changing and fashion houses throughout the world prefer designing unisex products. This practice of having unisex products is being adopted by manufacturers of products all over the world.  

Reliance Gifts UK is an online B2B gift store which houses a huge variety of licensed products from various famous brands.  There are a lot of gifting options available for almost all age groups. To visit the website and purchase products from your favorite brands, click on the link mentioned:

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