Angry Birds Pilot Bags

Shoulder bags or cross body bags are majorly used by youngsters all over the world. They look trendy, are useful and very easy to carry around.  The bags come in various shapes and sizes and are the go to bags when you want to carry only the important items in your bag and rush out. The bag is designed in such a way, that small and important items can be easily stored in this bag. What are those items that can fit in this shoulder bag? House keys, vehicle keys, mobile phones, driver’s license, some cash and debit or credit cards or both. The bags generally give a casual kind of a vibe. But, it also depends on the designer of the bag as to what kind of a look should the bag be given. If you want to appear trendy then pair up the casual bag with a pair of jeans and loose t-shirt, this is a unisex design. If you are a girl, then if you want, you could wear loose jeans with a crop top and a long shirt and wear the shoulder bag as a cross body bag.  Branded or unbranded this shoulder bag is a must have in every individual’s bag collection. These shoulder bags are generally unisex.

Angry Birds has it’s shoulder bag which is available on Reliance Gifts UK website. The bag is bright red in color and is round in shape. The strap of the bag is broad and adjustable. The broad strap is very comfortable for the shoulder. The shoulder bag can be used even when travelling. The face of Angry Bird is printed on the bag which gives the bag a very trendy look. This is a unisex bag. The bag is spacious enough to accommodate a wallet, mobile, keys, physical cash, debit and credit cards. It has a zip closure on top. This product is apt for gifting any Angry Birds fan. It can be gifted on birthdays or Christmas or any occasion of celebration to family as well as friends. This is a useful gift. The product is created from PU leather material. This product is easy to maintain and can be hand or machine washed. 

Reliance Gifts UK is an online B2B website that sells all officially licensed products from various companies and brands. The merchandise brand of Angry Birds has a lot of products on the website. Here is the link to go to link of Reliance Gifts UK;

Angry Birds is an action-based media franchise. The games aim at saving the eggs of the Angry Birds from pigs that are green coloured.  The initial game series was initially released on December 31, 2009 for iOS. 

Red Angry Bird- He is the main actor in the Angry Bird Series. His eyebrows are the main feature of his angry face. His beak is yellow in color. He is regarded as the leader of the flock in the Angry Birds series of games that was created by Rovio Entertainment. The Red Angry Bird first appeared in 2009.

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