Angry Birds Premium Yellow Messenger Bag

Bags come in many shapes and sizes. Having a collection of different types of bags helps an individual to style up his or her attire with the type of bag he or she wants to carry along for that particular day.  Along with being a commodity of use, bags have also started playing an important role of styling it up with one’s attire. Manufacturers of bags be it branded or local manufacturers are constantly trying to innovative ways to make bags, which are useful, convenient to carry around, looks stylish as well as economic. In a lot of my earlier I have already mentioned, fashion houses are designing products which are unisex. 

Let’s talk about today’s product, it’s a messenger bag. Did you know it is also called a courier bag?  In the earlier days, this bag was used to carry mails by different types of messengers.  As I have stated in the paragraph above, these messenger bag are now in vogue for city life fashion.  The messenger bag is very similar to a backpack except it can carry heavy items and the items can be easily taken out from the bag. It is put over one shoulder with a strap and moves easily through the chest with the bag resting on the lower back.

Angry Birds messenger bag is available on Reliance Gifts UK website.  The bag is bright yellow in colour with the face of the face of the yellow Angry Bird Chuck printed on it. The face colour of Chuck has been well coordinated with the yellow background colour of the bag.  The strap of the bag is broad and adjustable with a metal buckle to give comfort to the shoulder. The bag is very spacious on the inside as it has one big compartment to store all the required belongings. This bag is good for daily use or even when you want to travel. The material used for the bag is PU leather. It can be hand washed or even machine washed. The bag is strong and sturdy.  This is a very useful and trendy product to be gifted to any Angry Birds fan or anybody for any special occasion such as birthdays or even during festivals. It is always good to have a messenger bag in the collection of bags. This product is an officially licensed product of Angry Birds. It’s a unisex bag.  Here is the exact measurement of the bag: Height – 28 cms, Width -  36 cm and Depth – 10 cms.  It can accommodate laptops that have a screen size up to 15 cms.

The messenger bag is available on Reliance Gifts UK’s website. Reliance Gifts is an online B2B gift store for many officially branded products which was started in April 2015.  It houses products of well-known brands as well as the merchandise of celebrities. By clicking on the link, you can view all the products that are offered by Reliance Gifts and gift it to your loved ones or even gift it to yourself.

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