Angry Birds Brand

Rovio Entertainment created Angry Birds which is a Finnish action-oriented media franchise.  Angry Birds is a game series which is influenced by the game, “Crush the castle.” In the Angry Bird series, the Angry Birds are the flock of birds who try to protect their eggs from green colored pigs, this is the main focus of the game.  The game was introduced in 2009.  In 2009, Rovio Entertainment put in more than €100,000 for the development as well as release of the Angry Birds Game.  When the game was introduced in the prime mobile markets like the USA and the UK, the success was minimal. The strategy was changed and the company targeted smaller App Store markets to gain popularity.

The company now started focusing on campaigns, the platform chosen for the campaign was YouTube.  The advertisement was strategically well planned. What did Rovio Entertainment do to promote Angry Birds? In order to be featured in the Game of the Week, Rovio made more than 40 additional Angry Bird levels, for iPhone users a lite version of Angry Birds was built which came with an additional benefit, the lite version was free of cost.  For the game to be promoted, a YouTube trailer was designed and released.

In the USA, UK and China, Angry Birds became the No. 1 mobile app game to be downloaded.  A YouTube video was released by Rovio on May 9, 2012 that celebrated and thanked the users for the 1 Billion downloads of Angry Birds. Here is a link to that video, if you haven’t seen it already. As of today, the total YouTube Subscribers for Angry Birds is 5.27 Million. 


How did the game become so successful? The game creator company had a few very important and simple factors that it wanted to be imbibed in the game plan. What were they?

  1. The users should get addicted to the game
  2. The app should either be cheap or completely free
  3. There should be ease of portability
  4. The game should be simple to understand

As mentioned by Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio Entertainment, “A good game has to be easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.”

From a gaming coming, Angry Birds changed into an Entertainment Media company and aimed at converting Angry Birds into an entertainment franchise.  The company came up with many Angry Birds editions: 

  1. Angry Birds 
  2. Angry Birds Seasons 
  3. Angry Birds Rio 
  4. Angry Birds Space 
  5. Angry Birds Magic and
  6. Angry Birds Star Wars

The company started to diversify and make its brand available to users and fans in all platforms. The main aim was to make physical goods so that the fans and users could stay with the product and games for a longer period and vice versa. So what did Rovio do to increase brand awareness worldwide?

  1. Digital Media Content:
  1. An animated TV series of Angry Birds on Nickelodeon was made
  2. Games were created on multiple mobile platforms 
  1. Manufacturing physical goods:
  1. Merchandise in form the of soft toys, key chains, wallets, hand bags t-shirts etc just to name a few
  2. Foods and Drinks: Angry Bird Fruit Gummies, Angry Birds Honey Nut Cheerios, Mcdonalds Angry Birds Happy Meal, Angry Birds Tropic Cola – A soft drink etc just to name a few collaborations with other brands
  1. Entertainment: Keeping in mind the Angry Bird theme, various playground and amusement parks were created. They were called Angry Birds Land. 

Did you know?

  • The users of the Angry Birds game spend more than 300 million minutes playing the game
  • As per an article on the internet in 2011, Rovio sold around 1 million t-shirts and 1 million plush toys each month.

The Angry Birds Movie got children attracted to it all over the world. The movie was a very big hit and had great reviews as well. The movie’s box office collection was $352 million worldwide. Children started to grow fonder of Angry Birds and also wanted to have the physical merchandise in their favorites collection.  The demand for physical products saw an immense growth and since 2010 Rovio started licensing the Angry Birds Brand. More than 2 billion Angry Birds products have been sold. If you would like to read about the Angry Birds Brand licensing by Rovio, just click on the link below.

Reliance Gifts has its business into B2B online shopping.  All the products are officially licensed on their website. It has a variety of products on Angry Birds just for the kids. These items can be gifted on various occasions to the young ones. The products range from wallets, wrist bands, back packs, passport holder, luggage tags, hot water bottle, photo frames, money banks, coin purses, compact mirrors, key rings etc. These products are official merchandise available on the website. 

Do visit the website, and gift your loved ones an official Angry Birds product at the best affordable price.


Angry Birds is a brand that is recognized by millions of people around the world.  Rovio has ventured into multiple businesses and has achieved tremendous success. Providing quality content, goods and services are the key mantras to a successful business.