How it started

Mr Dhiren Patel the Founder of Reliance Gifts. He comes from a small Agricultural town Called Ghamij. He holds a degree in Mathematics. He has a passion for numbers from childhood. He holds 8 + years’ experience in Business. He possesses good management skills, with the number’s knowledge. 

He is very down to earth and very religious, he is actively involved with the BAPS in UK  (BAPS is respected as one of the largest and most active Hindu organisations within the Indian diaspora) The roots of BAPS in the UK stretch back to the post-war era of the early 1950s. London was still recovering from the aftermath of World War II, when a scattering of Indians had come to eke out a better life. Among those rare few were the pioneers of BAPS in the UK. 


He Started his journey with the small amount of stock selling them online, in few months he realised the potential of selling products online. In April 2015 he bought the ware of 2000 square and the company Reliance gifts UK LTD was born.   

In couple of years business has seen a huge growth. From just one platform to many and from retail to B2B. In 20018 new warehouses of 5000 square feet was bought with the bigger inventory and so on. The Journey from selling products online on Amazon and eBay, has turned into a huge business empire.  

Meet the team

Dhiren Patel


Harmoni Patel

Marketing Manager

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Jayashree Samanta

International Office Manager

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Dhananjay Bharad

Graphic Designer

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Prashil Padariya

Warehouse Manager

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